DallasJax is doomed

Dr. Z. draws our attention to the debacle in progress:

I was listening to Pam Oliver’s sideline report during the Dallas game and I heard her say, “Mike Tyson was brought in to help establish the offensive philosophy.” I thought, “Wow, what a good idea! That’ll give ’em some punch.” Then I heard the rest of it. Seems that she really had said Tice, not Tyson. A shame. I liked my way better.

Forget BledsoeLeftwich. Forget the sagaretirement of Terrell OwensJimmy Smith. This is the reason the CowboysJaguars will collapse; they brought in a man who once called only 12 runs for the league’s top rushing offense in a game against one of the league’s worst rushing defenses to help establish the offensive philosophy!

Good luck, there, BillJack. You would have done better to bring in Mike Tyson.