No red, extra cheese

Who needs Western Culture anyway when you’ve got your own sophisticated pre-Western traditions:

Skeletons found at an unearthed site in Mexico show Aztecs captured, ritually sacrificed and partially ate several hundred people travelling with invading Spanish forces in 1520. Skulls and bones from the Tecuaque archaeological site near Mexico City show about 550 victims had their hearts ripped out by Aztec priests in ritual offerings, and were dismembered or had their bones boiled or scraped clean, experts say….

On hearing of the massacre, Cortes renamed the town Tecuaque – meaning “where people were eaten” in the indigenous Nahuatl language – and sent an army to wipe out its people. When they heard the Spanish were coming, the Zultepec Aztecs threw their victims’ possessions down wells, unwittingly preserving buttons and jewellery for the archaeologists.

If you’ve ever bothered to actually read any history, you’d know that one reason, (besides the primary one of happening to be in the way), that colonial-era Europeans had so little regard for the noble indigenous cultures they so blithely wiped out was because more than a few of them were cannibalistic and quite reasonably considered disgusting and subhuman. If you consider how Americans from feminists to Christian conservatives already view Iran today, just imagine the reaction if President Ahmadinejad began regularly eating people on live television.

I don’t know how serious La Raza is about its trappings of Aztec revival, but here’s hoping they stick with Catholicism’s metaphorical cannibalism and burritos.