Adventures in creative reading

Amynda appears to think that if she waves her hands fast enough, no one will actually read the words right in front of them:

Yes, Vox is trying to reassure himself that he’s seeing sorrow when he looks at the glee feminists are showing about Forbes running an article that bluntly argued that financially dependent women are easier to dominate and control, which has been our point all along…. So we’re all in perfect agreement—me, Steinem and [Vox]. Men who want to oppress women do so to compensate for personal weakness. So why all the fussing, Vox?

That’s a bizarre summation. I didn’t see any sorrow anywhere, but I sure noted an awful lot of anger being expressed by the career women who read Forbes in light of how many of them were reacting hysterically to Mr. Noer’s article and threatening to cancel their subscriptions. Forbes itself, in first taking down the article and then pairing it with what was apparently supposed to be a rebuttal, was responding to “a heated response from both outside and inside our building.” I even argued that it wouldn’t make sense for feminists to be angry about it, given their general hatred for marriage and happily married women alike.

Why any of this should upset feminists who believe that marriage is inherently oppressive remains a mystery….

While I agree that there is no reason for Amynda to be upset, the same is not true of most career women because Mr. Noer has forced them to look squarely at the reality that what they thought made them more desirable to men actually makes them less desirable. This is understandably distressing, particularly to women whose sexual value and childbearing capability, two factors of interest to most men inclined towards marriage, is on the decline.

I do find it amusing how Amynda serves as her own “strawfeminist” here, note how she explicitly equates men who want to marry women who will stay home, have children and manage the family household with “men who want to oppress women”. This is straight out of Friedan, it’s a hoary old argument so dated that most modern feminists would be ashamed to dig it up for display. No doubt she’ll be denying this in future posts….

The truth is that any feminist glee with regards to the increasing undesirability of career women is likely to be shortlived. Feminism’s remaining popularity among women rests on the deceit that equality is both possible and desirable, when that deceit is punctured, most women turn away from feminism in disgust. The only place all men are equal is the grave, which is why the adherents of equality have sent so many victims there since the days its bloody banner was first raised.