Think it through, girls

From the Forbes comments:

A man wrote:
“With one exception, men can accomplish anything that we think is important all by ourselves. Explore, build empires, create new industries, invent, discover, make money–all these things come naturally to us. We don’t need your help. But the one thing we can’t do by ourselves, and it’s the thing most men want more than anything else, is to have a family and play a prominent role in raising our children.

A feminist responds:
This is true. And we women have caught on to you: note the plummeting birth rates everywhere where women have reproductive choice and access to education. Mail order brides and third world recruiting notwithstanding, ultimately it’s going to catch up to you, because the fact is we shouldn’t have to choose between bread and water, so ultimately we don’t. When the birth rate plummets and population growth turns negative, all of a sudden the powers that be start talking about family friendly policies and flex time.

To sum up: I’m voting with my uterus, and so (apparently) are quite a few of my sisters. Good job, men: your refusal to broke real compromise and share has had spectacular results in the form of no babies for you! My suggestion is that you suck it up and start making equal contribution by sacrificing career advancement and glory to the rearing of your ever-so-precious children.

Now, if one looks at the grand scope of human history, which is more likely. That the elite, (or more likely, some forward-thinking charismatic individual capable of seducing the elite), will consider the dying society situation posited by the feminist and:

a) attempt to convince women to again resume their child-bearing responsibilities through forcing men to somehow make it easier for women to have both the metaphorical bread and water.

b) strip women of the so-called “rights” they have only ever held in Western society, and which have been revealed to be of completely disastrous effect in less than fifty years.

The answer, of course, is (b). Moreover, the true alternative is not (a), the success of which is wildly unlikely, but (c), societal collapse before an energetic and more propagation-friendly culture. The jury is still out as to whether (a) or (c) will win out, in either case, feminism spells not only its own death, but also the death of Western-style liberal quasi-democracy.

See Turkey, Algeria and Russia for details….