The victim is always to blame

And here I thought that Western civilization frowned on honor killings:

A wife who axed to death her cheating husband after a decade of lies and deceit was freed by a judge yesterday. Wadanalegeder Chandrasekera suffered years of humiliation and isolation because of the activities of her philandering husband, who fathered a love child by her niece during a lengthy affair. She snapped and, in a blind fury, struck Sarath Chandrasekera, 57, with an axe 11 times on the back and head at the family home in Bearsted, Kent, last October.

The 59-year-old mother of two was initially charged with murder but a guilty plea to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility was accepted by the Crown after her mental condition was assessed. Sentencing her at Woolwich Crown Court yesterday, Mr Justice Fulford said jailing her would serve no purpose…. His wife began divorce proceedings in 2004 after more than a decade of his cheating. When he visited the family home one evening last year, she attacked him from behind as he walked towards the house.

The frightening thing about the devolution of the West is that as crazy as things are getting in the United States, they are arguably worse in England. No doubt Susan Smith will soon be medicated and released into the wild soon, after all, if a woman kills someone, it’s always the victim’s fault, whether that victim is an unborn child or an old man.