International Skyhad

From the Telegraph:

A hawk is terrorising a cathedral city where it has attacked two joggers and killed a pet. Experts are trying to catch it before it strikes again. They fear it could seriously injure a young child. The Harris hawk, which has a 3ft wingspan, is roaming the skies above Lichfield, Staffs.

Diane Jackson-Bond, 44, described yesterday how she was left bloodied after being attacked while running along a country lane. Miss Jackson-Bond, a former policewoman, said: “I had seen the bird and thought that it was following me but put such ideas out of my head and carried on jogging.

“Moments later it flew down on to my head with such a force that it almost knocked me sideways. It had its talons embedded in my skull and it was agony. I managed to shoo it away briefly but then it came back at me.”

Forget the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism! What are Bush and Blair doing to protect American citizens and subjects of Her Majesty’s Government from this tripartite anti-human onslaught by air, land and sea?