Pandagon: a perfectly parochial American

Amanda starts to correct herself, then decides against it:

In the meantime, I need to correct for a rather sweeping generalization I made about how the left isn’t harboring racists of our own. I should have known better than to be so simple about it; god knows I’ve seen enough liberals making racist and sexist and homophobic jokes that one can’t just dismiss it out of hand. Nonetheless, I think my basic point stands. If you are an honest-to-god hateful racist who uses politics as a way to beat up on other people for being different, you know what political party is yours—the Republicans. If you’re firmly committed to eradicating prejudice, you’re going to be pulling the lever for the Democrats.

Clearly the girl has never met an Italian Communist, a Swiss SPS member, a French Socialist or anyone from the British Labour Party. These people tend to be just slightly less anti-Semitic than your average Palestinian suicide bomber, moderately less anti-black than David Duke, (they’ll drop the word “nigger” as freely as a gangster rapper, although in their defense, I’ll point out that they honestly don’t realize that it’s supposed to be offensive), and many are openly avowed Marxists, if not Marxist-Leninists, whose leftist credentials would put Hillary Clinton and Betty Friedan to shame.

Amynda is also clearly unaware of the history of the modern Democratic Party. George Wallace was a Democrat and the only member of the KKK currently seated in the Senate happens to be its ranking Democrat. These days, the only people advocating legal racism are Democrats.

This serves as a reminder that the average leftist’s attempt to pose as a sophisticated intellectual nobly battling against the benighted bourgeoisie of Middle America is just that, a pose. The reality is that the vast majority of them are myopic and monolingual morons, too parochial and poorly read to grasp that their political spectrum is a rainbow that ranges from red to blue the short way round.