Mailvox: JT on a subject of absolute unimportance

JT emails:

For years corporate America imposed a glass ceiling (or restricted professional career path) on gyno-Americans because of a real or imaginary perception that gyno-Americans would choose child-rearing over duty, loyalty to child over loyalty to business.

The feminist movement argued that the male bigots (chauvanist pigs) in the boardroom projected these unreal ideas upon women with and without children and with and without husbands. They argued that if women were given a chance, they could prove the fallacy of the ideas.

Recently Perky Katie Couric made the illogical leap from mindless morning show hostess to netowrk news anchor. Even more recently she was told to proceed to the Middle East battlegrounds to report live and on scene. She refused. She said that it is dangerous and that she is a single mother.

Is her refusal to go a fulfillment of the glass ceiling mentality?

Where are the feminists and why aren’t they calling Perky Katie less than a woman?

I don’t have much of an opinion on this, because it involves one of the old TV channels, television news and Katie Couric. I have never seen the lady on television nor read anything she has written, I couldn’t care less about her and my only thought on the matter is that she will probably transform a previously male occupation by her inability to perform it adequately, in the ignoble tradition of female policemen, firemen and soldiers.

But based on JT’s email, there does appear to be a certain amount of irony there.