A flawed memory

My sensei has been working on a book laying out the principles of martial arts combat and I’ve been helping him with the editing. While we were talking yesterday, I remembered I wanted to get a clarification from him on something about our lineage that confused me. Now, keep in mind that my sensei is a big fan of the Way of the Intercepting Fist and the principles he’s developed were inspired, in part, by the blended style developed by Bruce Lee.

Vox: “I know you got your black belt at House of the Dragon, but what dan are you now? Third?”

Sensei: “Fifth. You were there, remember? I got it in the ring that fight night up in Duluth.”

Vox: “Oh yeah, when you fought that point fighter.”*

Sensei: (Laughs) “I put the tokes to him, didn’t I.”

Vox: “Yeah, that was a quick one. Anyhow, when did Terry get his black belt from Bruce Lee? I didn’t see his name on the list they’ve got on some Jeet Koon Do site.”

Sensei: “No, Eizo Shimabuku gave it to him, in Shorin-Ryu. In Okinawa.”

Vox: “So, what’s the connection with Jeet Koon Do?”

Sensei: (thoughtful pause) “He read the book.”

Okay, that may amuse no one but me, but it still makes me laugh.

*The guy was ranked 10th in the nation at the time, but after performing two full armadillos, he gave up after getting floored a third time. In the words our second sensei, “if you want to play tag, go play with the children”.