A taste of NRO’s own medicine

Jonah Goldberg complains about the media poohbahs:

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll has suggested that the Republican attack on the New York Times is a cleverly anti-Semitic campaign because “many members of the president’s base consider ‘New York’ to be a nifty code word for ‘Jewish.’”

Considering how Joel Mowbray and other NROniks like to whine that “neocon” is a nifty code word for “Jewish” and that everyone insufficiently enthusiastic about neoconservative plans to invade and forcibly install democracy in [insert country name here] are therefore anti-Semites, this strikes me as a rather strange point. In fact, I think everyone should feel free to make use of the tactic.

Seeing as the original Patriarchs were all Jewish, it is obvious that “Patriarchy” is a nifty code word for “Jews”, so therefore feminism is nothing but a particularly ugly face of anti-Semitism and all feminists hate Jews. Shame on you, Amanda! For shame, Lauren and Zuzu!