In case you didn’t catch it

The Fraters have this interview on NARN up at their web site. I think my next visit with them will be in August.

Today’s column was much more the sort of column I wish I wrote more often. While it’s not the sort that generates much discussion or email, it’s the sort of thing that I actually enjoy doing as opposed to cranking them out on autopilot. I’ve been contemplating the notion of dropping the column and simply continuing with the blog lately, as whatever notion I had of becoming a columnist/author in the vein of [insert name of random WND columnist here] appears to have gone by the wayside.

Please don’t think I’m asking for pats on the back or Prozac-by-email here, it’s quite normal for me to get bored with things and move on after a few years. I am a dilettante, after all, not a journalist. I should probably mention that Mr. J. Farah and I are getting along fine, just last week he emailed me to bring to my attention a topic on which he would like me to write. (Although I think I may have to cram a Nazi analogy in there just for kicks….)

Anyhow, the column is approaching its fifth year this fall, and while it’s been an interesting experience, I don’t see that there’s really much more to be done with it that can’t be accomplished as easily via the blog. Sure, VD the random blogger is intrinsicly less interesting than Vox the WND columnist, but it’s clear that being a consistent #3 there is slightly less meaningful than being the #3 winger on my local soccer club. (We got promoted this year.)

I haven’t reached any conclusions yet, I’m simply musing aloud. Reading my column today made me realize how trivial many of my columns over the last three years have been and how a literate form of communication is increasingly irrelevant in a post-literate society. I like the old books and I enjoy seeing what lessons can be gleaned from them, but I am growing less and less concerned about the precise way in which the American people decide to destroy themselves.

Admittedly, to leap off history muttering “go on and fuck yourselves, then” doesn’t exactly have an F. Buckleyesque ring to it, but it does sound rather like something I might say.