Peter King comes out swinging against freedom

A liberal is an individual who is upset by the idea that someone, somewhere, might be doing what they want:

And while we’re at it, how dumb does Pennsylvania look for not making helmets mandatory? I heard a state legislator on the radio this morning say that this accident wouldn’t cause him to change his mind. It’s about human rights, he said. Riders should not be forced to wear a helmet.

I’ve got one for you, Mr. Politician. Let’s repeal seat-belt laws, and gun laws, and minimum drinking ages, and let’s just let America be the Wild, Wild West. Do what you want, when you want.

You mean, let’s just let America be free? By all means, I say. And if it is appropriate for politicians passing laws against things that are bad, they should certainly pass a law to forbid the porcine Mr. King from eating what he wants.