The VQPF acquires its first radio host

Catkiller! has been listening to the radio:

It’s a word born of necessity and comes from The Blogger Whose Name We Dare Not Speak (who was called out yet again on Michael Medved’s show today).

I find it rather peculiar that the guy has a radio show and apparently continues to yammer on about my purported amore for the German National Socialist Workers Party, but has never done so much as send me an email or post a comment here, much less confront me on his show.

How have I been called out, anyhow? What sort of challenge is it that isn’t issued to the challengee? I’m beginning to suspect Mr. Medved is just too shy to speak with me directly thanks to the Brokeback crush he is harboring. Let’s examine the evidence:

1. Mustache? Check!
2. Way too interested in Hollywood? Check!
3. Jewish? Check!
4. Obsession with Nazis? Check! (Uh oh, anyone else sensing a BDSM vibe here?)

I’ve never listened to his show, but perhaps someone who does can inform us if he uses the Pet Shop Boys, Erasure or Bronski Beat to lead into a segment or has dedicated a show to the Oscars. If so, that should clinch it nicely and Zink can send Mr. Medved his Queer Party Friends membership card.

Anyhow, I think it’s great that the Republican Party’s big tent is large enough to accomodate a gay Jewish man as one of its public voices. It certainly puts the lie to the notion that the G.O.P. is for straight, white Christians only.