And the winner is….

Eqquus Pallidus, come on down! You are the next participant in the VPFL! Please let us know if you will be fielding your own squad this fall, or if you would like to nominate a general manager to run a team.

His guess of 53,531 was high by only 476. The second edition of War was actually its third printing, it turns out.

And just to set things straight, Wrath was not cut by the publisher. In fact, it survived two general kill reviews, but the delay due to the publisher’s annual reorganizations gave me the opportunity to reclaim the rights to all three, which I did. The Wrath of Angels will be available on December 1 via online orders only; I have no plans to place it in the bookstores. For those curious about the books but not interested in purchasing them, free PDB files of all three books will be made available.