The silliness of Frum

David Frum illustrates what is either the illogic or the blatant lying of the pro-war crowd:

Read this,the horrifying account in the London Times of the kidnapping and murder of the Iraqi journalist, Atwar Bhajat….

And then ask yourself this: How can people who decently and humanely call for someone to do something to end the cruelty and violence of Darfur – then turn about and call for leaving Iraq to the killers of Atwan Bhajat?

Gee, that’s a really tough one for anyone capable of scoring above 400 on their SAT verbal. It’s because the former is being perpetrated with the force of government on an unarmed people. The latter is being perpetrated by a group, that, we are repeatedly assured by the likes of David Frum, is a small, unpopular group of violent extremists who are not in charge of Iraq nor are likely to be once we end the occupation.

Unless, of course, Frum means to say that the elected purple-finger government of Iraq, of which he and the neoconservatives are so proud, were responsible for murdering Miss Bhajat.

Sometimes it astounds me to see what passes for an intellectual star in the “conservative” commentariat.

Your window of opportunity is over, neocons. America is not interested in Iraq or Iran any longer. That will of which you all speak so highly and being so vital to win a war? It’s not there. Deal with it.

A few horror stories about bad evil worse-than-Hitler terrorists killing Muslims in ugly ways isn’t going to rile anyone up, especially not a country that enthusiastically goes to see a nasty piece of work like Saw 2.