The Innocent Sex

From the Telegraph:

The wife of the one-time Liberal Democrat leadership contender Mark Oaten, whose political ambitions were ruined by the disclosure of his relationship with a male prostitute, has described to Hello! magazine how she struck him and threw her wedding ring at him after he confessed to the affair….

“It was something almost too big for me to handle,” she explained. “I said an awful lot of horrible things to him at first. I took off my rings and threw them at him and told him never to come back, and I hit him about three times. I’d lost all respect for him.”

Lest you think the PC notion that women can never commit a crime is limited to the USA, note that it may actually be worse in the UK. Do you think the husband of a leading US politician would be left alone by the press after publicly announcing that he’d punched his wife three times?

Also in the UK last week was the interesting juxstaposition of two stabbing cases, one where a woman arranged to meet her husband’s mistress, brought a knife and then stabbed her eighteen times, and another where a man randomly stabbed a pregnant woman he did not know as she passed him in the street.

As you might expect, the man’s attack was lethal, the woman’s wasn’t. As you might not expect, the woman was acquitted of attempted murder despite the premeditated attack and she was ordered to spend 15 months in jail for causing “grievous bodily harm”, which included a punctured lung and permanent blindness in one eye.

Alethea Foster, 61, gasped and stumbled in the dock after a jury of nine women and three men acquitted her of intentionally trying to kill or harm Julie Simpson, 45, a mature student at Cambridge University, last October.

The man’s case hasn’t yet been resolved, he’s in psychological detention. But even being obviously crazy probably won’t prevent him from being convicted of premeditated murder since he is, after all, not one of the Innocent Sex.

To close on a tangential note, if women won’t vote to convict women that they know are guilty of stabbing someone 18 times, do you really think they won’t vote en masse for Hillary Clinton regardless of her many and manifest evils? The temptation to break that unfair glass ceiling will be too great for many Republican women, especially since the Republicans will run someone whose political positions are practically identical to what will be her public positions in 2008.

Remember, she’s always been a Yankees fan….