Our brave women warriors

Derybshire despairs:

Thank God the Moussaoui trial is over. I have never been so embarrassed for my country. The low point of the thing — and a low point for our nation in its accelerating slide to oblivion — was when that U.S. Navy Lieutenenat sniveled and blubbed on the witness stand while Moussaoui jeered at her — quite rightly, in my opinion. I expected Jimmy Carter or Oprah to show up at any minute. An American officer, in uniform, weeping IN THE FACE OF THE ENEMY! She should be court-martialed….

“When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, naturally they will favor the strong horse.”—-Osama bin Laden. Yes, they will. We are doomed, doomed.

I rather doubt that famous battle for the hearts and minds is going all that well.