Ignore him at your peril

Dick Morris is somewhat of a nut, but a politically perceptive one:

This withdrawal from globalism is a predictable consequence of the quagmire of Iraq. Bush has spent the constructive energies unleashed by Sept. 11 on his bid to make Iraq a stable democracy. Whether he has squandered our national vigor or simply invested it wisely will only become apparent in the next few years, but what is glaringly obvious is that our patience is over.

Republicans criticize Democrats for not proposing new solutions to the Iraq war, but the GOP misses the point that their opponents don’t have to do so. The wind of isolationism is at the Democrats’ back, propelling them onward to the likelihood of massive victories in 2006 and 2008.

So, what is the Lizard Queen’s entrance music anyhow? I’d suggest “Every Day is Halloween”, but that’s a bit too poppy for her essence of pure reptilian evil. Perhaps Megadeth’s “99 Ways to Die”.

I do find it increasingly amusing how Republican globalists and their cheerleaders – the “we are at war” crowd – can’t seem to get it through their thick little skills that it doesn’t matter how many times they repeat themselves, most people are have rejected and will continue to reject their idea that unless every other country in the world is provided with a two-party globalist ruling elite, America is in imminent danger of extinction.

To mindlessly repeat the argument that all things are justified because 9/11 “changed everything” is deeply and profoundly stupid. There aren’t enough passenger jets in the world to imperil the populace, and in any event, a nation that can’t figure out how to control its own borders has no business attempting to control the populations of other countries. And the two are not entirely unrelated, it is mass immigration that has laid the groundwork for the Eurojihad, after all.

Hey, I’ve got it! Since regime change is the perfect answer to all foreign relations issues, why don’t we simply send the 101st to Mexico City and change the regime there? We’ll just win their hearts and minds, after all, it can’t be any harder to convince Mexicans of the benefits of living in Mexico than it is to convince Muslims to accept an American-approved version of Islam. Immigration problem solved!

I suspect that Morris is correct more often than most pundits because he is a soulless pollster and doesn’t really care which team wins, he just watches the game. I have little doubt that his conclusions are correct here; I think the two of us are still the only ones predicting a Hillary Clinton victory in 2008.

Unfortunately for the nationalists, voting for the Lizard Queen and her cringing Democratic minions won’t do them one damned bit of good since both Democrats and Republicans are equally controlled by the globalist brigade. This is why Republicans never quit the UN despite all of their conservative anti-UN rhetoric and why Democrats are just as happy to wage war despite all the verbal bones they throw to their peacenik camp.