R.I.P. White Buffalo

I’m pretty sure he died laughing when he read Carrie’s comment:

No, I’m perfectly willing to believe you are a typical male, with a typical male ego that needs typical male crutches. You need to feel superior to women and you need to “prove” yourself to the world at large.

I’m fairly sure that crutches, stroking or any other form of assistance for my oversized ego is close to the absolute last thing that any of my friends, family and acquaintances believe I need. The fact that there are no shortage of arrogant posers out there does not mean that the real thing does not exist.

Big Chilly’s wife just called, apparently they had to call the paramedics for him. They’ve got him on sedatives and are reading from Bill Clinton’s MY LIFE in order to stabilize the chortling; fortunately he built up a partial resistance to attacks of lethal amusement by attending a performance of Wodehouse’s THE PLAY’S THE THING at the Guthrie few years back.

If it were not for the knowledge that pride goes before a fall and that God hates it, I have no doubt that I’d be entirely insufferable. Indeed, I am told that prior to learning, as Bono says so well, how to kneel, I was entirely insufferable. But I don’t believe that God values false modesty, nor do I believe there is anything to be gained from such deceit.