End game conservatives

Dear Leader’s support continues to fall away:

John Derbyshire: Well, I’m with Bill Buckley and George Will. This pig’s ear is never going to be made into a silk purse, not by any methods or expenditures the American people are willing to countenance. The only questions worth asking about Iraq at this point are: How does GWB get out of this with the least damage to US interests, and to his party’s future prospects?

So, Kristol and Shapiro are starting to blame the insufficiently bloodthirsty, Buckley, Will and Derbyshire are outright proclaiming failure and Ledeen has fallen suprisingly silent with regards to the freedom-loving people of Iran who are just waiting to rise up against their Islamofascist – a dumb word if I’ve ever seen one, as anyone who knows anything about fascism can tell you that the mullahs are less fascistic than the neocons – oppressors.

Either we’re about to declare victory and leave, or this is the calm before the storm. I truly hope for the former, but I’m afraid the latter is more likely.