Mailvox: fences make good immigrants

RB likes the Brasiliane:

interesting article. i support all of your statements…especially about the brazilians! (oh my! one can only say when he sees a brazilian). anyways, something you said caught my reading eye. it was the realization that these “colors of benetton” (spl) advertisements, as i call them, are all over the place. check out the army ads. diversity is killing off this nation. especially since the folks coming here are not assimiliating, but as thomas jefferson even remarked (and i was surprised that he even said this until i read a book of his quotes), immigration can be bad especially if those arriving to the new country bring the same old ideas and systems with them. i think we see this internally with californians and new yorks moving to “freer” states, only to turn them into the hell they just left. ie: my home state of VA, and the state of Montana.

being black (and not african american), i think we should have a holiday honoring the white man! i see diversity as one big minority pity party where groups say “feel sorry for me!”

RB must be tremendously popular among the Rainbow/PUSH coalition crowd. It’s absolutely true, though, that diversity, far from being a strength, is a divisive and enervating force. Here’s a simple test: have the universities been producing higher or lower quality graduates since their faculties and student bodies began celebrating diversity?

The entire point of the “melting pot” is that the ingredients have to melt. And as for all those coastal liberals, the obvious answer is to fence them in. If you want diversity, bigger government, higher taxes and rampant hedonism, then stay where you are and enjoy the fruits of your desires.