And 10 votes each for the brain-damaged

The English propose to expand the franchise:

Young people should be able to vote – and stand for Parliament – at 16, under proposals for the biggest shake-up of the electoral system since the introduction of universal suffrage…. Both main parties are understood to be sympathetic to the report. Gordon Brown has agreed to speak at a conference on the findings next month and David Cameron is also hoping to attend.

As everyone here knows, I am opposed to the universal franchise in general and the female franchise in particular. Perhaps this latest proposal by the British, who are frustrated that the adults are insufficiently enthusiastic about giving up control of their money to the European Central Bank, will help underline my point about why women and the majority of men should not be permitted any vote or place in governmental authority.

It’s important to keep in mind that almost no one genuinely supports real democracy – although I greatly prefer it to the much more manipulable system of severely restricted representative democracy currently in place – and it’s perhaps even more important to understand that if you believe voting is synonymous with freedom, your ability to comprehend the world around you is severely deficient.