Mailvox: been there, doing that

Morgan sabotages her own argument:

Wow. It takes a big man to advocate hitting women. It takes an even bigger one to kick a dead one.

Yes, most men are afraid to openly advocate hitting women. I’m not. If a woman offers sufficient provocation, then deck her, with no more thought than you’d give a man who offered similar offense. This equality is exactly what women have been demanding… of course, once a rational mind points out the obvious consequence, women like Morgan don’t like it. Hey, you’ve come a long way, baby.

Gamma Males, take note of how this typical female tactic of attempted browbeating intended to inspire fear of social rejection simply doesn’t work with men who don’t buy into it. There’s nothing behind it, so why do you always fall for it?

However, for those of you howling with glee, may I propose you put your convictions into practice? If you truly object to women in the workplace, then you should begin making a concerted effort to boycott business that employ them, especially at executive levels.

Why bother? Is she talking about executive assistants or sales executives… or perhaps she has forgotten the Glass Ceiling. It cracks me up how Carly Fiorina is STILL trumpeted as some kind of feminist success story.

In fact, just avoid working women all together. If you suffer a heart attack or and need an ambulance, refuse treatment if the paramedic or driver is a woman. (You might want to make sure your family knows of your plans so they can do this on your behalf, should you be incapacitated.) If you are fortunate enough to have male attendants and male drivers on your way to the hospital, once your there make sure you only consent to treatment from male doctors, male nurses, male radiologists, anesthesiologists and pharmacists. And make sure you refuse drugs developed with the help of female researchers. Make sure, while you’re at it that you refuse treatment for your minor children – emergency or otherwise – from female pediatricians. And if your favorite hunting dog gets hit by a car and a female veterinarian is your only option, shoot the dog. Puppies are a dime a dozen.

If you’re seeking to have a written work published, *make sure* the publishing company knows what you think of working women up front. Ask that your writings only be reviewed by men, as any woman who rejects them will obviously have done so due to their feminist agenda.

Don’t watch television shows or movies. Those programs are full of working mothers.

I’m cool with all that, as long as men have the ability to hire whoever they want without women running to Big Daddy Government to make those mean nasty men give them jobs. Speaking of which, just how many men work for Mary Kay? What’s that I smell, an equal opportunity lawsuit? It seems Morgan hasn’t been paying attention to the television industry, which has been in panic mode of late because men in that all-important 18-35 demographic increasingly refuse to watch television. They prefer electronic games, which are created by men for men, with almost no female interference.

And of course, Morgan provides a wonderful explanation of how women can be relied upon to abuse positions of power, as she knows perfectly well that most women editors will NOT judge a work based on its potential financial benefit to the publisher, they will instead shoot it down simply because they don’t like the political views of the author. Since four of my five editors have been women, it would be interesting to know how many of them would have rejected that which they deemed acceptable if they had only been aware that I am a Thought Criminal.

But it’s heartening to know that Morgan is, like me, pro-discrimination, formerly known as the Constitutional right to free association.