To miss a metaphor

ChiRho is curious:

What do you mean that Genesis is a Jewish text?

Genesis is part of the Torah, the Jewish Law. One could as sensibly accuse a Jew of not being a Jew for not subscribing to a 100-percent literal interpretation of Genesis as accusing a Christian of not being a Christian for the same reason.

The reasonable man would not do either.

Since humans are clearly capable of using metaphor, it seems most strange to argue that an omnipotent God is not, especially given how Jesus often taught in parables. If one’s response to hearing the parable of the talents is to run out and start digging up the ground in search of them, then one has missed the point entirely.

I am not arguing that all of Genesis is metaphor or myth, I am simply stating that parts of it appear to be such and there is no divine command for the Christian to reject that possibility whereas there is precisely such a command with regards to the birth, death, resurrection and lordship of Jesus Christ.