Mailvox: when harsh measures are called for

Grendelizer is frustrated with the little piggy that won’t:

She says she’s tried “working out” and it doesn’t work. I beg her to just try it “my way” and see what happens. She says that’s just not “her way.”

If that’s the case, she’s just a lazy ass and harsher measures are required. There is not a body in the world that working out does not work for. There is no chance that anyone, at any age, can go through a serious workout routine, six days a week for six weeks, without seeing visible changes to the body. Give her consequences… not a relationship ultimatum or anything, just discover that you are suddenly too lazy to bother providing the things she wants from you.

Then when she wants to know why she doesn’t have any money for buying clothes or knickknacks while you’re driving a new Porsche, tell her that’s just your way. Geese, ganders and sauce, don’t you know.

The idea that the loving Christian example aka martyr will inspire a desire for positive change in everyone is a farce. It makes no sense at all! Yes, it can work, but that’s a far cry from saying that it will work. Think about it for a second… there were no shortage of individuals who rejected Jesus Christ himself and refused to change their ways when he came in person and told them to.

If an individual won’t even consider changing their unacceptable ways despite reasonable and repeated requests on your part, you’ve got two choices. Accept the status quo or up the ante. Since I could not care less about the sociopaths and psychopaths who consider the feelings of others to be of no import whatsoever, I tend to favor the latter.

I’m always amused when a slovenly woman gets divorced and then miraculously finds the motivation to get herself in shape and make herself attractive again. The women’s magazines portray this as some sort of revenge, of making the ex-husband see what he’s missing, but I can only imagine that far from gnashing his teeth in regret, the ex-husband is laughing, since he knows that when some other poor sucker might fall for it, she’s going to drop the effort and go to pot again at the first opportunity.

We are intricate beings composed of body, mind and soul. If one goes, they all go, and effort is required in all three.