The integrity of science

The Pan-Galactic is rightly amused only a day after questioning the verity of geological “science”:

Key parts of a landmark paper from South Korea’s most renowned stem cell scientist were fabricated and the researcher is seeking to have the work withdrawn, a close collaborator told South Korean media on Thursday.

The daily newspaper Hankyoreh and three South Korean television networks quoted Roh Sung-il as saying that he, stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk and another co-author of the landmark 2005 Science paper on tailor-made stem cells had notified the journal they were withdrawing the paper.

It would be edifying, I think, were someone to write the Encyclopedia of Scientific Fraud. That way, when the Darwinist faithful get rightous about the sanctity of science and scientists as they are occasionally wont to do, one would have something to drop on their toes.

The scientific method is a great boon to mankind, but there is as much fraud that goes on in its name as there is in Christianity.