A successful season

The regular season has come to an end, and while I have some reservations about some daunting matchups in the playoffs, I can’t complain about the results given a team that has been less than imposing on paper throughout the course of the year. I started off with Trent Green at QB – my 3rd pick – and ended up replacing him with Drew Bledsoe in Week 2. Drew’s done well, and balanced with the addition of Brad Johnson managed to lead me to a 11-3, second place finish behind Spacebunny’s team, which is managed by Big Chilly’s little brother, also at 11-3.

Starting Willie Parker in Week 5 cost me the regular season title, as I blew an eight-point lead and lost by half a point when LaDainian and Antonio went off he couldn’t even rush for 50 yards, otherwise I’d have finished 12-2 versus 10-4. Ah well, such is football.

The White Buffalo also made the playoffs despite a late-season fade that saw him go from 8-2 to 8-6. He’s my first-round opponent and it’s really anyone’s game. He’s Seattle heavy, so his fortunes will largely rest on how badly they beat up Tennessee. Go Titans! I’ll be looking for a big game from Bledsoe, Harrison and Davis, and hoping that Ryan Moats can keep his momentum up against a very bad Rams defense. Lamont Jordan has been a workhorse all year, but with Tuiasosopo at quarterback, defenses can stack up against him and shut him down.

In the other bracket, Chokechain might be the favorite despite sneaking into the playoffs at 7-7. He’s riding Larry Johnson and a six-game winning streak, so everything will be riding on SD and LDT versus KC and LJ.