Francis doesn’t lighten up

You’ll have to read this here, lest you scare the little boys from their very serious business:

Hey stupid Christians

Hey Vox Popoli fans – you don’t get it, do you ? We are writing about your champion Vox Day because he’s an imbecile and his absurd moral nihilism is so outrageous that it deserves refutation. We do not want to argue with you. Your amoral and disgusting beliefs do not deserve debate. Go away and complain to your champion about how I’m censoring your discredited worldview, anti-atheist assholes.

PS No seriously, you can stop posting your stupid comments now. You were fun for a while, but this is a serious blog. Enough bullshit.

Yes, this is what passes for that vaunted atheist dedication to reason. Christianity = amoral moral nihilism. High IQ = imbecile. A dedication to free speech = refusal to debate.

These aren’t libertarians, they’re just confused teenagers in the process of discovering that the totalitarian nature of Man is also present in their own fallen natures.