World Cup 2006 draw

My analysis will perhaps be colored by the fact that I just drained a bottle of Australian Shiraz – I must say that Spacebunny entirely failed to uphold her end of the deal, her loss as it was quite good – but this is how I see it:

Group A: Germany, Poland, Costa Rica, Ecuador.
The home team got set up by the committee again. There’s no way these things are done blind.

Group B: England, Sweden, Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago
England should walk through without a problem. Paraguay was only dangerous back when what’s his name used to stone everyone, then score the winning penalty.

Group C: Argentina, Holland, Serbia, Ivory Coast.
I still remember Bergkamp’s classic goal against Argentina; Rob van Persie’s been stepping into his boots at Arsenal, but I doubt he can do it againt the Argys.

Group D: Portugal, Mexico, Iran, Angola
Mexico is OVERRATED. The USA should have had this seed and would have won this group.

Group E: Italy, USA, Czech Republic, Ghana.
The closest thing to a Group of Death in this tournament. The Italians, the Americans or the Czechs could easily win this group. The USA’s balls-out attack will either crack the Italian defense or lead to a complete disaster. Paolo Maldini is aging and Nesta looked vulnerable when I watched Milan play earlier this year, so the Americans’ chances of taking the group are reasonable.

Group F: Brazil, Japan, Australia, Croatia.
Jamie wept….The Asian teams are better than most people realize. Brazil is soccer royalty, but on merit. Ronaldinho has been unbelievable this year for Barcelona.

Group G: France, South Korea, Switzerland, Togo
France should walk away with it, but Switzerland hung with them surprisingly well and nearly knocked them off in the Euro qualifiers. This is perhaps the most unpredictable group, even if it’s not as strong as Group E.

Group H: Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia.
The last and least. Spain, a classic choker, would probably fail to get out of groups E or G, but they should be able to make it to the knock-out stage before falling apart this time.