Wargame request

Is there anyone out there who happens to be a wargamer and/or enjoys mindless, repetitive work in Photoshop? I want to create a Fifth Frontier War module for VASSAL, and while I’ve already completed the digital map, I have neither the time nor the apititude for doing the counters. If you do, let me know and I can provide the scans for the source art.

There’s no way this game gets played without rk’s technological meisterwerk, so it’s got to be done sooner or later. Alternatively, if anyone knows how to pull jpgs out of a Cyberboard gamebox, that might serve as a halfway measure.

By the way, since there appear to be a few wargamers who are unacquainted with VASL/VASSAL, you simply must check it out. It’s the true 21st century boardgaming medium.