Mailvox: JB freaks out the family

Thank you so much for telling the truth about what the whole education system has become in America. I pulled all three of my children out of the system 5 years ago and the truth about what they were indoctrinated in is evident today. They all were tainted with stinking thinking that I battle against everyday. They will all be required to read and discuss with me your commentary. Thank you for our greatest lesson in ” school ” today. I need all the encouragement I can get as I am doing this alone, being the only Christian in a large family that regards me as a freak.

My daily prayer is that my children will be educated and have great discernment to not accept the world’s lies so they can make a difference for Christ wherever God places them in life.

If your choice is to be a freak or to be a fool, I’d go with the freak option every single time. Don’t worry about what those around you think; the vast majority of the time they hold opinions unpolluted by information.