Mailvox: not the teacher’s pet

Aero sides with the academy:

Its good to see the grade giver had the insight not to give you all As

A lot of them tended to have this hangup about students occasionally showing up for class and buying the textbook or something. Weird. I think the time I most enjoyed getting called on the carpet was when my stats prof was chewing me out in front of the class for missing a pair of classes after she’d threatened me with an F if I missed another one.

HER: “Why weren’t you here last week! I told you I’d fail you if you didn’t show up!”
VOX: “Hey, I couldn’t make it. It was physically impossible.”
HER: “Physically impossible? Were you sick? I don’t believe you.”
VOX: “Seriously, it was impossible. Ask the police. They were the ones who were keeping me locked up.”


HER: “You were in jail? For what?”
VOX: “Assault.”

I ended up with a B+ since she decided to only dock me for not turning in any homework. (Only college prof I ever had who actually graded homework.) I’m pretty sure the main reason she set aside her little attendance policy was that she was terrified I’d end up in her class again the next semester if she failed me.