In which it is devoutly hoped that the ladies who voted Labour into power enjoy wearing their burqahs:

Britain’s population is projected to rise by more than seven million in the next 25 years – a far greater increase than official forecasts have previously predicted…. This year net migration is forecast to be even higher at 255,000, before reducing to an annual rate of about 145,000 from 2008. When Labour took office in 1997 net migration was about 50,000 a year….

The official figures indicate that 83 per cent of the expected population increase is due to immigration, both directly and as a result of children born to new arrivals. While four million of the population rise is directly due to net migrants, of the remaining 3.2 million more than half will be the children of immigrants.

And I wonder how they’ll vote? Tory, Labour, or Lib Dem? They will, of course, gravitate towards a new party demanding Sharia. The UK is already under tremendous pressure to accomodate its non-Westernized immigrants, who show very little sign of giving up their religious and cultural traditions. Instead, it is the British who have been willing to abandon their cultural tradition in opening their island to mass immigration. And such is the fear of the new demographics that even the new Tory leader-to-be, David Cameron, is talking down the immigration issue in a futile attempt to appeal to the Britastani bloc.

The Norman invasion had a tremendous effect on Anglo-Saxon Britain. The Islamic influx can be expected to do no less.

So, enjoy your equalitarian society while you can, oh you roses of England. I imagine you’ll probably be able to wear lipstick in public for another decade or two.