Mailvox: and they wonder

It is hoped that Jefe did better on the math section:

It’s interesting that you blockquoted a phrase about the Wonkette that doesn’t actually appear in either link that’s provided. Of course, some of those words show up, but not in the way you presented them. Surely a smart guy like you would know better.

What’s actually interesting is how willing some people are to make fools of themselves in a desperate attempt to somehow catch me out. The reason that I often tell my critics that they have reading comprehension problems is pretty simple. They often do.

Here’s the aforementioned phrase: “Anytime somebody builds a media empire, especially one that includes pornography, you assume the money is good, but in the Wonkette’s case, it isn’t. Her starting salary was $18,000 a year. (She’s getting bonuses now for increased traffic, but not much.)”

Here’s the link that was provided to the New York Times Magazine Copy everything between the quotes from the above phrase, then click on the link. Select Edit/Find and paste the whole thing in there. Click Find, and it will take you to the 16th paragraph. Why? Because it’s a direct quote from the piece.

Here’s a hint, kiddies. If you’re feeling the urge to sneer about something you think I should surely know, check again before you spout off. And if you still don’t see it, you may wish to try asking instead of accusing unless you’re really determined to look like an idiot.