In the tradition of the Pendulum

Turandot seeks a word:

Ah, I’m looking for a word meaning “someone who changes his explanation as needed to cover his precarious dignity, if not his ass”… Pathological liar? Obfuscator? Pompous blowhard? No, doesn’t quite convey it…I know! Care to make one up for me?

I’m thinking gravindicovaricator might suit. Although perhaps mutapostobvolvator does a better job of indicating the posterior-covering aspect, with, naturally, mutapostobvulvatrix representing the Sisterhood specimens pushing their dogma.

Although I still fail to see how either would possibly apply to this:

P1: “It’s vox populi, stupid! Ha ha, you’re so dumb!”
Vox: “Popoli is Italian.” Kind of like Day is English.

P2: “Popoli is bad Italian grammar! Ha ha, you’re so dumb!”
Vox: “Yes, so? I chose Popoli over Populi because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of things called Vox Populi.” In addition to the fact that mixing Latin and Italian throws the whole grammar thing out the window, grammar plays no role in a nominal title.

P3: “You’re changing your explanation! I’m angry because I can’t say ‘ha ha, you’re so dumb!'”
Vox: “I gave two different answers to two different questions. They do not contradict each other.”

And I have now spent 10x more time typing this up than I did in thinking about the blog name.