Mailvox: time is on his side

ZT is in no particular hurry:

What sucks is being the 20 something guy and look at all these silly women. “Oh I’ll have children when I get to my 30’s”. I want to say “Good luck with that and make sure you have an incredibly good job to pay for the fertility clinic. I do love some of the looks I get when I tell a women I’m looking for a women between 18 and 26. I get older but that number stays the same. Not because I just love the sexy ladies (Which I do.) but because I want to have children.

Actually, I just had a conversation about this with The Perfect Aryan Male. He attended his high school’s 20th year reunion last weekend and was commenting on how attractive he’d found one or two of his former classmates to be. Since he’s single, I asked him if he intended to ask either of them out.

“Oh no, they’re too old,” was his immediate response. “I’d still like to have kids.”

Now, keep in mind that TPAM was the senior lawyer for a two-billion dollar company until recently and is still one of its corporate directors, so he doesn’t exactly find it terribly difficult to find dates. The conversation reminded me of the Sex In The City episode when Candace Bergren is angry at Sarah Jessica Parker for dating a man that is her age and she’s forced to settle for a strange little man who looks rather like a turtle.

So, if the women aren’t interested in marriage until they’re at least 30, and 38 is too old, this leaves a fairly narrow window of opportunity for when the theoretically high-flying woman is going to find Mr. Perfect, marry him and bear his children.