Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles

Jamie R is following the German elections for no apparent reason:

“Germany slid into political chaos on Sunday as the election produced a hung parliament, with both chancellor Gerhard Schröder and his challenger Angela Merkel claiming victory and the right to form a new government.”

Or so the Germans would have us believe?

It’s obvious that a divided Germany is in dire need of a leader who will bring the German people together on the one thing they can all can agree on no matter what their differences: invading countries that are weak.

I have seldom laughed so hard as when one of my German friends told me that they had to change the words to the national anthem, because some of the “from Maine to California” style lyrics referred to places that belonged to other countries. He may have been pulling my leg, of course, but after dinner he and his wife did try to invade our terrace. Fortunately, Space Bunny called in our Rhodesian reinforcements and we managed to repel this unexpected blitzkrieg in time for dessert.