Mailvox: the diversity trap

One can easily imagine Anonymous making a statement by wearing a “racism sucks” t-shirt:

“Well, VD, wouldn’t you call Jim Crow racism? Or slavery? Thinking someone is not human because of their race? Hating someone and denying them rights because of their race?”

First, there is some scientific question as to whether genetic “race” actually exists. So, it’s quite possible that “racism” is simply the inherent human dislike for that which is different. Humans instinctively attempt to form groups and cliques; a purely Caucasian world would likely fight wars over eye color.

Jim Crow is simply one of the many forms that government oppression has taken over the centuries. The fact that it was based on skin color instead of ideology makes it no worse, and it was certainly less monstrous than the way that the Nazis treated the Jews or the Cambodian Communists treated the Cambodians. Is it truly any better to deny someone their rights to life and property because they wear eyeglasses and are literate than to do so over race?

Slavery is an obvious violation of individual property rights, but it is not racism. It has been practiced among every group of people for the vast majority of human history and continues today in Africa and Asia. Even if one artificially limits the discussion to historical American slavery, it is quite obvious that not all blacks were slaves.

As for hating someone, every individual should be perfectly free to hate whoever one wants, for whatever reason one wants. To argue otherwise is to argue for thoughtcrime and intellectual slavery; it is inherently totalitarian. Individuals do not deny other individuals their rights, only governments are capable of doing that, which is why the Constitution is directed at limiting the federal government and not individual Americans

All that matters is equal individual rights under law and equal individual worth under Jesus Christ. Everything else is a potentially fatal trap which will lead to more division and destruction.

The fact that the federal government is pushing multiculturalism on everyone and intentionally settling ethnic immigrants in ethnically homogenous areas should alone be enough to cause one to doubt the concept.