Invention required

I like dogs, but one thing that I cannot stand is the male dog’s insistence on refusing to empty his bladder when given the opportunity. It is impossible for me to have the least bit of sympathy for a stupid dog that has had “an accident” less than two hours after the stupid beast was urinating outside.

I think I’d drop $250 on a device that would allow you to press a button and shock the idiot dog into emptying itself for once. Yes, I understand why you’re saving it for later, and no, I don’t care!

Lest you misunderstand, no, my dog didn’t have any such accidents today. It’s just that shocked and hurt look on his face when I tell him that he’s not done and he’ll damn well get back over to the Designated Canine Release Area and have another go at the trees there gets on my nerves. And despite his protests, there’s always enough for rounds two and three.