Digging deeper

From Ananova:

A new political party in Sweden says it will abolish marriage if it gets into power. The Feminist Initiative, which expects more than 20% of the vote in next year’s election, claims marriage “is not about love, but about ownership”.

FI founder Tiina Rosenberg, said: “Instead of marriage we want to promote a co-habitation law that ignores gender and allows more than two people in a partnership.”

But she said in allowing relationships to involve more than two people, the FI did not want Sweden to fall back into a “patriarchal structure” with one man having a harem of women. “A man who lives with eight women in a patriarchal structure, where the man decides and the women obey is not what we are aiming for,” said Rosenberg.

And in order to encourage men to vote for them as well, the party’s all-female board is also calling for the introduction of a six-hour working day.

I do so enjoy the smell of unintended consequences in the morning. Is anyone willing to bet against my assertion that if this law passes the Swedish parliament, that patriarchal harem system for which they are not aiming is exactly what they’ll get? I hope this party does come to power, as it would not only produce some interesting column fodder, but months, if not years, of amusement as Sweden falls apart.

I daresay more than a few men will support them, not so because proposed six-hour workday but due to the inherent appeal of constructing their own Swedish Bikini Team. More than 20 percent of the vote, that’s impressive. And it is only one of the many reasons why women should no more have the right to vote than toddlers should have the right to bear arms.

I have no doubt that many people will consider that to be an anti-women statement. And yet, I’m not the one supporting the extermination of little girls, forcing them into the labor force, using the law to prevent them from marrying men who will provide for and protect them and demolishing the underpinnings of the one society that has afforded them better lives than any other society in history.