When they don’t have a case

A reader responds to the Sports Guy:

More importantly, why do you care so much? You’ve whined about the WNBA something like 10 times this summer. Just quit it already. It’s not fun to read. I can only guess that you harp on this because you feel threatened, and I can’t guess as to why that is. Your sports dominate — football, baseball and basketball. Just let it be. Let the WNBA fans have their WNBA. I don’t watch it, but I don’t care that someone else does. Why do you care?

Simmons posted two pages of responses to his anti-WNBA column, and while the supportive emails are much more fun to read, I was struck by how familiar the critical emails sounded. Questioning motives is the last resort of the roundly defeated; “well, what do you care, anyhow?” has got to be one of the least effective responses to a facts-based analysis this side of Miss Pandagon’s threat to have unproductive sex with the men of America.