Santo Cielo!

I seldom see eye to eye with Miss Fecalicious, but I share her sense of utter disbelief at the latest entry in the vaguely political book wars:

And speaking of bored housewives, I have a potential research subject for Armstrong: Annie Jacobsen! My theory is that she got palpitations from seeing a group of Arab men on her airplane because she had read too many Harlequin romances (see, for example, Stolen by the Sheik, The Sheik And The Runaway Princess, The Prince & The Pregnant Princess (Desert Rogues), etc.). But when the dashing Arabs refused to rock her casbah, she called the feds, who eventually went to her home to interview her. Did she greet them wearing a silk negligee … or perhaps nothing at all. Was she a sight of ineffable grandeur? Did her body rock big time? I think this is something that Armstrong shoudl investigated, particularly as she now HAS A BOOK COMING OUT!

Let me get this straight. The woman flew on an airplane. Some Arab men behaved suspiciously. The woman got scared. Nothing happened. FOR 208 PAGES! But at least you also get Ms Jacobsen’s theory of what was really happening. Or not happening.

Now, it’s entirely possible that Ms Jacobsen’s theory of a terrorist dry run is correct, although the fact that nothing has happened for over a year would tend to discount that notion since any information gleaned from the dry run would now be outdated, especially in light of how Northwest has been forced to alter its operations thanks to the mechanics strike.

On a completely unrelated note, what in the name of Jenna Jameson’s much-abused labia is a hoo-hoo-dilly? It sounds like a failed Dairy Queen product. And some conservatives wonder why liberals and libertarians alike tend to find them less than credible on matters sexual.