Mailvox: I told you they were fascists

He who shall not be named discovers this for himself:

Experimentation gone bad. I printed out several copies of VD’s article this morning, and scattered them among the employee cafeteria tables here at my workplace before 9:00 break. By 9:15, there were already several woman at the Human Resources directors door, bitching. I had to grab an IS guy and have him wipe my pc records for net surfing and printing so as not to be identified.

The HR lady was not amused. I, however, was.

As usual, the first and only response, run to authority…. A most excellent fnord. You see, it’s at moments like this that I deeply regret that whole syndication thing not working out.

And in the meantime, half of corporate America is being forced to attend feminist reeducation camps by their employers. This is the home of the free, right?