Mailvox: but I LIKE my job

Paula unleashes a cri de cuoer:

“So what, no woman should be allowed to work out side the home because wages are lower? I like my job. My Irish ancestory “lowered” the wages for other workers, like former slaves, and it all worked out in the end. I’m better at what I do than most men or women. Welcome to captialism. Get over it.”

Actually, capitalism existed quite nicely without women’s rights for decades, indeed, the West enjoyed a faster growth rate than it does now. But when did I say anything about outlawing women’s labor? It’s a question of what society encourages and discourages. A society that discourages its women from reproducing is not long for this world, regardless of how much you like it. Also, your Irish ancestors increased domestic consumption and therefore demand for labor. You didn’t.

Imagine the ultimate World of Women. Nothing but trashy romance novels, unfattening gourmet food, robots who look like Brad Pitt and George Clooney equipped with adjustable-speed vibrating genitalia and none of those mean, brutish beings called men. Imagine that every woman thought it was paradise. How long would it last if women were too happy and self-fulfilled playing with their pleasure robots to bother propagating the species?

It doesn’t matter that Paula and Jennifer and Susie all like their jobs and feel more productive making Powerpoint presentations and writing legal briefs than they would raising children. There is a tipping point at which a society begins to die, and that is 2.1 children per woman. We’re still there thanks to our formerly Mexican neighbors. France is still close, thanks to a population now 10 percent Muslim. Most other countries in Western Europe are already down to half that rate – Italy is at 1.17 – and it is mathematically impossible for them to maintain their existing society without following France’s lead.

In the long run, there appear to be four choices for American women. A return to Western tradition, economic collapse and whatever follows that, Mexification (which could be described as a half-baked version of the first option), and sharia. But the liberated secular society is a dead end every bit as untenable as Soviet Communism, and considering it is a mere 33 years old, may not even last as long as the 70-year Soviet experiment.

Welcome to demographics. Deal with it.

Meanwhile, Missy adds:

Despite the apparent sense that a lot of WND’s readers tend to be Judeo-Christian – based conservatives, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of vitrolic hate mail from some women. So, as a Christian conservative, college-educated former IT professional of nearly 18 years and not some dumb redneck white trash chick (as some feminists might think of we “unenlighted” women) – let me say thank you so much for having the courage and conviction to say the truth. I hope mine is one of the first of only many other letters of appreciation and encouragement you receive. 🙂

Actually, I’ve received more emails of support from women than I have opposing emails, let alone hate mail. In fact, the only thing that was even close was Proud Liberal’s little essay, and that was downright friendly compared to some I’ve received in the past.

My theory is that the numbers were too scary for the feminists to mess with. You know what Barbie says. Math is hard!