I’m so confused

ihatedashrub writes:

I’ll type real slow because I know you have trouble with comprehension…

Where does human talent originate? From whence does it come? What is the birth place of human creativity?

I even asked three different ways. I’m going to pen a new book…Cedarford: The Myopia of Me, an unauthorized autobiography.

I think my favorite thing about this blog is that I regularly lose track of who is on whose side on any given issue, as teams seem to shift unpredictably depending on the issue. For some inexplicable reason, this little post threw me for a loop, forcing me to step back and remind myself of the most basic foundations on which this quasi-community rests.

1. Nate aka The Gargler vs the Civil War aka The War of Northern Aggression
2. Bane aka The Weeper vs insufficiently attractive women, Muslims, fat people, etc
3. Crystal vs killing babies
4. Dread vs Area 51
5. Shrubbery aka ihatedashrub vs the President of the United States of America
6. Desert Cat vs the Drug War
7. Gregg vs the English language
8. Cedarford vs the insufficiently human
9. The Lizard Queen vs Mighty Cthulhu

Okay, now I think I’ve got it again.