Why technology startups don’t hire women

From an actual IM session celebrating a long-awaited and significant technological breakthrough:

[17:01] f78: u got lucky
[17:01] f78: everything works, no worries about the automatic UV shit
[17:01] f78: i installed sp1
[17:02] f78: gives new options to choose
[17:02] f78: how lucky is that? lol
[17:02] bc1: Not lucky. That’s forethought. Planning is what it is.
[17:02] bc1: Good going. You deserve twice what your making!
[17:03] f78: i now have new options in the render to texture options
[17:03] f78: mapping coordinates let me choose “existing channel” or “automatic unwrap”
[17:03] bc1: Seriously, you can export automatically by baking to the diffuse texture or something?
[17:04] f78: and now under baked material i can choose output into original source instead of “Save Source (Create Shell)”
[17:04] f78: fucking wonderful
[17:04] bc1: Do you lose the oringal texturing then?
[17:04] f78: i still have to apply the texture to a new swatch but 9 out of the 10 steps i wrote to you are eliminated
[17:04] f78: this is fuckin’ tits.
[17:04] f78: 🙂
[17:05] f78: big beautiful perky implanted tits
[17:05] bc1: So no problems then? On to [reference to forthcoming feature removed]?
[17:05] f78: yeah, go ahead and do your thing
[17:06] f78: i’ll hollar if i have a problem
[17:06] f78: this looks good though. 🙂
[17:06] bc1: Fantastic! Considering I wasn’t planning on having time to address this until mid August, we are ahead of schedule. Thank you f78 and SP1!
[17:06] f78: lol

It may not be particularly edifying, but it is funny, at least to me. And, I’m in an excellent mood thanks to the quoted developments, the “hostile environment” notwithstanding.

This reminds me of when Big Chilly and I were once asked if we planned to institute drug testing for our game development company…. Big Chilly looked at the questioner in complete disbelief, then told him that we had no intention of testing anybody, since we wouldn’t have any employees left. The guys actually liked the idea of drug testing, though; they figured that if an artist managed to pass a the test, he wasn’t likely to be any good.

Freaks, the lot of them. “big beautiful perky….” I’m still laughing.