Dial 1-800-LAWYERS

From the London Telegraph:

Women working full-time are 29 per cent more likely to get divorced than those who stay at home and raise children. Research to be published this week in the European Sociological Review finds that the probability of divorce is in direct correlation to the number of hours a woman worked.

Women reacted with outrage a few years ago when I wrote that men don’t want to marry professionals, especially when I said that young women would do better telling potential suitors that they were considering leaving the career track in favor of teaching aerobics. And that was before this news came out….

Now, there is clear and incontravertible evidence that a man would have to be crazy, or at least seriously mathematically challenged, to decide to marry a woman who intends to pursue a career instead of one who wants to raise a family. It’s not the biggest of red flags, but it is a nice, shiny crimson one.