Mailvox: the brain drain continues

KH is on his way out:

I am one of those participating in the “brain drain” you allude to. I will go to the UK with my wife and children to get my PhD in electronic engineering, then, when we wish to settle someplace freer, we will likely go to Costa Rica. I will never bother to own property in the USA again. Between usurious property taxes (for naught) and the Court decision, it is clear you don’t actually own property here in the USA. You pay the bank for the privilege of being a tenant of the local government, and pay it tribute to keep your tenancy rights. In the UK and other places in the world, you have no effective property tax, meaning if you own your property, and live elsewhere, you need not pay any tax or have the property confiscated by local government. It actually is yours.

I know many thousands of talented and educated Americans have preceded, and will follow, me to relocate abroad, to better reap the fruits of our labor without confiscatory taxation, and to live free without constant governmental interference.

I expect that there will soon be a call for laws forbidding Americans to leave the country, due to the “investment” that the country has made in them through those excellent public schools. While I doubt these exit restrictions will ever be made law – it would be most discombobulating to the populace were the government to attempt to maintain entry-only open borders – there will be a demand for them.

I was speaking to a wealthy woman from the Bay Area this morning, and she said that today in California there are the Haves, the Have-Nots and the Foreigners, and quite a few of the Haves are thinking about leaving. Perhaps we will need those domestic passports, if California decides to try to keep its productive citizens down on the tax farm.