Why you can’t take bloggers seriously

The Right Wing News reports on who is screwing up America:

10) Nancy Pelosi (13)
8) John Kerry (14)
8) Barbara Boxer (14)
7) Dick Durbin (17)
6) Hillary Clinton (19)
4) George Soros (23)
4) Harry Reid (23)
3) Ted Kennedy (24)
1) Michael Moore (26)
1) Howard Dean (26)

So apparently the right wing blogosphere believes that two men whose highest political attainment is the governorship of Vermont are to blame for the current state of America. This might as well have been a poll to list “people that you think are poopyheads”. Why not throw Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson in there while you’re at it?

I noticed that neither of my top nominees, Alan Greenspan and George W. Bush, didn’t even make the top 23. I’m officially embarrassed for the blogs.