Rallymonkey sees the opportunity for a federal grant:

Another story about the military mishandling the Koran in Guantanimo today. Yahoo reports that a soldier splashed it with urine. Why is this even news? Whatever happened to this equation? Holy Item + Urine + Federal Money = Art

I always find it interesting how these bold, unflinching rebel artists somehow only have the courage to urinate all over Christianity. Where is Scorcese’s Last Temptation of Mohammed? Where are the portraits of the prophet’s wives painted in elephant dung? Where, for that matter, are the Hollywood terrorists that aren’t Nazis, still plotting nefariously, lo, these sixty years post-mortem.

For all that the artistic Left cries wolf about fears of a Christian theocracy, they know full well that they’re full of Marian painting material. If their fears were genuine, they wouldn’t dare do as they do today.